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Wondering how you could help WYCE to give Gambian people a hand up? There are many ways you can get involved - visit us, fundraise, spread the word or make a donation.

Volunteer in The Gambia
Fundraise for us

Visiting WYCE in The Gambia gives you a unique opportunity to see for yourself exactly where funds are spent, and the difference they make. You can also get directly involved in our work programmes in The Gambia, working alongside our local staff in the school, clinic or the wider project. You'll be sharing your skills and experience, and they with you. Find out more about our volunteer programme here 


Donating your time or money to WYCE makes a huge difference. 


  • You can talk to others about our work or make presentations about your experience as a visiting volunteer - it is hugely valuable in spreading the word about our work. Most of our lodge visitors hear about us from a past volunteer

  • Join our Volunteer Forum which meets regularly in the West Midlands, and meet with other supporters to share news and ideas

  • Donate to WYCE – our monthly core running costs are approx. £2,500 and we particularly appreciate regular donations by direct debit or standing order

  • Buy a WYCE gift for someone special – we’ll send you a postcard or e-card to give to them, and you can both enjoy the knowledge that your gift is making a difference in the WYCE school or clinic

  • Encourage your employer or other company to become a corporate sponsor – as we are a registered charity, this is mutually beneficial.

Every pound makes a difference, and we really appreciate the work our supporters put into raising funds for WYCE. Past fundraising events and activities have included a skydive, marathon, fun run, a garden party and bake sale, bagpacking in a local supermarket, BBQ, quiz night, school sponsored silence and non-uniform day, wine tasting, workplace carwash and EBay sale. Many of our past visitors give talks and presentations about their experiences and make a collection – this spreads the word and raises money. 

We have developed a fundraising guide to help you if you organise your event/activity and make the most from it. We work with Virgin MoneyGiving, Charities Aid Foundation and Wonderful, and you can set up a fundraising page that links directly to us. Please let us know about your event, and we can promote it to other supporters. 

Sponsor a project

If you are interested in sponsoring or fundraising for a specific project (eg school meals, clinic medicines, part of the school wall), we keep an up to date list – just ask. Some examples:


  • £35 pays for a day's school meals for all 700 pupils in the WYCE school

  • £35 pays for stationery and resources for a class for a term, £100 for a whole year

  • £75 pays for a month's medicines at the WYCE clinic

Our list of projects looking for sponsorship is available here


If you would like to receive more information, please contact us (

If you'd like to Gift Aid any donations you've made to us within the last 4 years, please complete our online form

If you do make a payment through VirginMoneyGiving, please can you put in the message box, where you would like your money to be used - many thanks!

Registered Charity No: 1089167 Gambian NGO A78

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