Working with others is essential to achieve our aims – we cannot do it on our own.  There's a lot to do, and it is key that we have effective, trusting and strong partnerships in both the UK and The Gambia. 

We recognise that we need to work in partnership with organisations in The Gambia to deliver our objectives, so that:

  • what we do is led by the needs, knowledge and experience of Gambians, not by what we think is best

  • we continue our focus on delivering education, healthcare and livelihoods 'by Gambians, for Gambians' - utilising the knowledge, networks and local know-how that exists in organisations across The Gambia.


We are starting work to build new partnerships to ensure that we deliver effective projects in the areas of education, healthcare and livelihoods.

If you are a service-delivery organisation in The Gambia or a group/organisation in the UK, we would love to talk with you about how we might work together to achieve mutual aims.

1st Crystal Palace Scouts


The 1st Crystal Palace Scout Group and the Crystal Palace Panthers Explorer Scout Unit became involved with the charity in 2015.  Scouting prepares young people with skills for life, and since 2015, they have forged a partnership with the Madina Salam scout troop and have made 2 visits to The Gambia to work with, teach and learn from local scouts.  They have worked hard using some great fundraising ideas to provide scouting and camping equipment for the local scouts, musical instruments and sports equipment for school, and to fund the construction of classrooms and a shipment of bikes. 

The West Coast Region Red Cross Society


The West Coast Region Red Cross Society Is a branch under the supervision of The Gambia Red Cross Society. Its purpose is to alleviate human suffering through the powers of humanity.

The Red Cross believe in advocacy to help people make well informed health choices. The Gambia has a developing health care system which needs support from a well informed population. Therefore, the Red Cross, through its Volunteers sets up campaigns to inform people of health issues in their communities.

We are currently in discussion with several other exciting potential partners. These will be announced as details are finalised. If you work with an organisation/ group/charity who you think would benefit from partnering with us please contact us. 

Tallin Tallin


"Tallin Tallin" is a phrase used by Gambians to indicate the start of a story. It loosely translates as "Are you listening; I am about to begin." 


The Tallin Tallin project is dedicated to preserving The Gambia's rich tradition of storytelling, before the generation that knows it passes, and the stories are lost to this rapidly developing country forever.

TaIIin Tallin is preserving these stories by: publishing a book (and digital version) of the stories; making audio recordings in native languages; and putting on live events.​



Since 2007, Wonderland have been raising money for charity through hosting unique and wonderful parties, pop ups and fantastically fun indoor-festival events. All of the Wonderland crew are volunteers, working hard and partying just for the love of it, and all event profits are donated to charity.  Proceeds from Wonderland events have so far funded 7 school classrooms, a school playground, solar power for the school and health clinic and thousands of school meals.  Check out Wonderland’s website and Facebook for news and updates on Wonderland events.

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