About WYCE


Based in rural Gambia, we provide education, health care and sustainable livelihoods to enable Gambians to make a better future for themselves. We aim to offer a hand up, not just a hand out . . .

Volunteer Gambia


We have projects suitable for everyone and will work with you to ensure that your time with us is mutually beneficial. We can offer both professional and support roles within our village school and clinic, and a range of roles within the local community . . .

The Lodge


The Lodge @WYCE Gambia has ten rooms - seven twin rooms, one double, and two family rooms. Located in traditionally built round houses, the rooms are simply but tastefully decorated making use of colourful local materials . . .

WYCE volunteer Gambia
WYCE volunteer Gambia
WYCE volunteer Gambia

Registered Charity No: 1089167 Gambian NGO A78

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